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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is our staff?

All of our workers go through interviews with our recruiting specialists. We check their references, work experience and language skills according your bussiness needs.

Our workers are performing their job duties in Sweden, Baltic Republics, Netherlands and Spain. Only the best workers who pass our high standards and the ones who understand the importance of good service are hired.

How quickly can you deliver personnel?

It depends on your needs, but it usually it takes 2-14 working days after signed contract.

Who is responsible for covering costs?

Our company will be covering all costs regarding salaries and relevant taxes. Customers will responsible for covering all costs specific to the assignment like: – Travel costs from the employee´s home to place of work according to legislation; – Tools and materials – Arrangements regarding accommodation will be negotiated.

We are interested in booking a large staff contingent at one time. Is this possible?

Yes. We have many skilled workers on our books and are hiring new staff continuously.

How can it be so affordable?

Employment taxes and contributions differ within Europe. WorkEurope is a limited liability company registered in Latvia. In our country of registration and activity, employment taxes and contributions are lower than in many other european countries and, therefore, we can offer lower prices. Furthermore, our administration and recruitment costs are lower.

Why do companies pay 0% VAT on your services?

Under the tax rules in the EU and Latvia tax laws, taxable services between companies in two EU countries are rated at 0% VAT. In practice, a company has to retorn VAT to the Home country Tax Agency as input and output VAT.

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